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Get Free USA address and get your online purchases delivered to your home address anywhere! Once you’ll get a package to your address, we’ll forward it to you in and deliver to your door.

Consolidate your packages

You can consolidate your packages from different stores into one bigger package, to save on international shipping costs.

Simple Control

Control your packages and delivery using customer panel. Use our online tools for ebay services. Choose delivery services and date of dispatch.


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Shipping fee equals to $8 per 1 kg.

Calculating of weight: Shipping fee depends on real and dimensional weight, whichever is greater. To calculate the dimensional weight, use the following formulas:
Lenght X Width X Height / 6000. (For cm and kg)
Lenght X Width X Height / 166. (For Inch and Pound)

Use our calculator in user control panel to calculate dimensional weight.

Smartshop shipping, an International shipping company – provides you with your individual mailbox with street address in USA. You can use that address in online stores as delivery address.

Once you’ll get a package to your address, we’ll forward it to you in and deliver to your door. We offer ebay intermediary service for the international customers. Selling your products into the ebay.com

Ebay insurance service, seller insurance, payment processing, eBay drop-off service and many more.

We don’t charge an annual fee like most other parcel forwarding companies and we offer some of the cheapest prices available for an express courier service that delivers your goods fast. The Smartshop shipping team are justly proud of the high quality service they offer; including personal customer care, attention to detail, secure and professional packaging and a door to door tracked delivery service covering over 180 countries.

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